Car Hub Maintenance Skills插图

Car hub is an important part of the appearance of the vehicle, a beautiful car hub can improve a lot of points for the vehicle. In order to make your car always maintain a beautiful appearance, we need to understand the skills of car hub maintenance. This article provides you with detailed wheel maintenance steps and tips, just spend some time and effort to make your car look new.


One,Preparation before hub maintenance


Before you start maintaining the wheels of your car, you need to prepare some necessary tools and materials:

  1. Wheel cleaner: Automobile special wheel cleaner can easily remove the dirt on the surface of the wheel, usually in the auto parts store or car beauty shop can be purchased.
  2. Hub polish: Automotive hub polish can eliminate small scratches and defects on the surface of the hub, making the hub look new.
  3. Hard brush and soft brush: To clean deep dirt and dust and dirt in the grooves of the wheel, it is recommended to prepare a hard brush and a soft brush.
  4. Bucket and water: used to clean the wheel hub.
  5. Clean cloth: for polishing the surface of the wheel hub.

Two, wheel cleaning skills

  1. Sprinkle the cleaner: Take out the hub cleaner and evenly sprinkle the cleaner on the hub surface according to the instructions.
  2. Slightly kneading: If the surface of the wheel is dirty, you can first brush the dirt and dirt on the surface, gently kneading to make the cleaner more evenly distributed.
  3. Rinse: Rinse the cleaner with clean water. During the washing process, it is recommended to use a soft brush to gently erase the dirt in the middle of the wheel hub.

Three, wheel polishing skills

  1. Apply polishing agent: Apply the polishing agent on the surface of the wheel hub, and leave it for 1-2 minutes after evenly applying.
  2. Polishing: Slowly wipe the surface of the wheel hub with a clean cloth, because the polishing liquid contains abrasives, so the wiping force should be moderate, if too much force will lead to the surface of the wheel hub being worn.
  3. Polishing the remaining part: wipe all the remaining parts of the wheel hub surface clean.


Although the maintenance of car wheels looks cumbersome, as long as you have the right skills and methods, you can help your car always maintain a beautiful appearance, which is also an important part of the value of the car. In the process of maintaining the wheel hub, the most important thing is patience and care, as well as long-term persistence. I believe that after a period of persistence, your car hub will be refreshed, so that you feel satisfied and proud.