Nowadays, the wheel has become an important part that car owners will never let go of when dressing up their cars. Compared to iron wheels, aluminum alloy wheels are lightweight, have high manufacturing accuracy, high manufacturing precision, high strength, and low inertia resistance during vehicle operation. This is beneficial for improving the straight-line driving performance of the car and improving its performance. The corresponding fuel consumption will also decrease. Chen Ran, a professional car modification engineer from Chengdu, introduced that general car owners modify wheel rims. Generally, car owners modify wheel rims to improve vehicle performance, pursue personalized aesthetics, and pursue personalized aesthetics.. But can the wheels really be replaced at will? Replacing at will will will definitely damage the original factory data of the vehicle. Not only will the fuel consumption of the vehicle increase, but also the power and braking effect will be affected. Li Dong, a professional repairman in Chengdu, does not agree with car owners blindly replacing wheel rims. Improper wheel rims not only increase tire wear and tear, but also pose hidden dangers to travel safety. The comfort of the vehicle during driving will also be greatly reduced.

Quality mixed, it is recommended to choose a well-known brand

From the appearance alone, it is difficult to determine the authenticity of the wheel. The quality parameters of the wheel  also need to be measured by professional instruments. Because the wheel is coated with relevant metal protective materials, it increases the difficulty of distinguishing authenticity. Therefore, Li Dong suggests that car owners try to choose well-known brand wheel s. “Wheel s are mostly made by casting or forging, and lightweight materials are also used. Therefore, by tapping on the wheel , the quality of the wheel  can be simply judged by whether the sound is clear.” Li Dong introduced Li Dong, saying that the workmanship of wheel s produced by regular manufacturers is not much, mainly due to the difference in materials,, The resulting price differences vary greatly.. Car owners can collect information from multiple sources when making purchases, or invite experts to guide them. It is advisable not to purchase products in car brand forums or electronic stores, or in electronic stores, to prevent difficulties in safeguarding rights and interests. To clean the wheel, it is necessary to use clean water. It is not recommended to use dishwashing detergent.

The wheel is equivalent to the shoe of a car’s wheel , so it is important to regularly “polish your shoes”. As long as you pay attention to daily maintenance, regularly check and clean oil stains. Generally, there will be no major problems. Mr. Sun, a professional repairman at Chengdu An’er Automotive Repair and Beauty Center, suggested that Fu should use clean water to clean the wheels. The wheels should be cleaned with clean water and wait for the wheels to cool before cleaning.. Because during the operation of a car, the wheels and tires, as well as the tires and brake pads, will rub and heat up. The brake pads will rub and heat up. If cleaned immediately with water, it may cause changes in the material of the wheels, resulting in discoloration of the outer layer of paint and other situations. It is best to use soap and water to clean oil stains. Using soap and water to clean oil stains may corrode materials, so it is not recommended to use it. In addition, Master Sun also added that many car owners will add tire wax after cleaning the wheels, and many car owners will add tire wax after cleaning the wheels. “If you are greedy for cheap and choose products of poor quality, it is better not to apply them.”