It is said that “ Change the wheel before refitting ”, Wheel hub modification is the first step for many riders . Choosing a suitable set of wheel hubs can not only improve the vehicle’s temperament and visual effect , At the same time, compared with the original wheel hub, the high-quality wheel hub , Stronger , Better improve the handling . For those who like to play cross-country , A good wheel hub can better deal with stronger road impact , Improve driving safety .
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When selecting the wheel hub , It is often found that some models are equipped with large wheel hubs , The appearance will be more sporty . So is it necessary for us to choose large wheel hubs ? What is the difference between the normal size wheel hub and the normal size wheel hub ?

Advantages of large wheel hubs

The large wheel hub can provide us with better maneuverability , The larger the hub, the lower the flattening , The thinner the tire , The response to road conditions is more controllable and clear . Due to the large contact area of the hub , Better grip when cornering .

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Lack of large wheel hub

However , Large wheel hubs also have some disadvantages . In order to balance , The hub size becomes larger , Flattening becomes lower , Tire wall thinning , The riding comfort is reduced , The fuel consumption will increase accordingly . Motorists who are more concerned about fuel consumption , We must choose carefully.

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It can be seen that the larger the wheel hub, the better , For hub upgrades , We must not blindly choose , Before refitting, it is necessary to make clear the detailed parameters of the wheel hub , Or consult relevant professionals , Choose the most suitable hub.