The Basics

We know wheels are one of the most expressive and creative ways to customize your ride. Whether you’re resto-modding a classic or looking to add some modern flare to a new school build, Vestton has you covered. Not sure where to start on your aftermarket journey? Let’s break down some of the basics to get you on your way.

1-Piece Wheels

1-piece wheels are the most common wheel types you encounter on the road. 1-piece wheels are just that: one singular piece of metal – manufactured by casting molten aluminum into a mold. Some key elements of running 1-piece wheels include:

  • 1-Piece wheels have a set size and backspace.
  • Perfect for those with stock or mildly modified vehicles that aren’t interested in maximizing their wheel/tire package.
  • Lower replacement cost
  • Mass produced, stocked in warehouses country wide, and available for immediate delivery.

2-Piece Wheels

2-piece wheels consist of two separate components: the barrel (the rim) and the face (center piece and spokes). 2-piece wheels offer more customization and a wide variety of offset and width options.

  • Made from either a cast aluminum center welded to a forged aluminum barrel, or a forged aluminum center welded to a forged aluminum barrel.
  • This construction allows for the flexibility of custom sizes, widths, backspacing, and finishes.
  • These wheels are custom made to order to the exact specifications needed for modified vehicles.
  • 2-Piece wheels can be custom finished in almost any color combo desired.
  • Perfect for those with extensive suspension and/or body modifications or those that want the largest and/or widest wheel and tire package possible.
  • 2-piece wheels have added benefits regarding repairs: unlike 1-piece, the barrel or the face of the wheel can be replaced independently of each other.