The safe driving of a car depends on the stable state of the tires. Have you ever paid attention to these safety codes on tires?

Have you ever paid attention to the safety code for tires?插图

1. Pay attention to wear marks
The wear mark height of the tire is 1.6 millimeters, which indicates the wear depth limit of the tread pattern. When the tire pattern is worn to a height close to this mark, please do not hesitate to abandon the old and welcome the new. The wear mark height of a typical sedan tire is 1.6 millimeters, while that of a truck tire is 2.4 millimeters.

2. Tire damage such as cracks or bulges
Whether it is tread cracks, bulges, missing rubber, severe sidewall wear, or foreign objects, it is necessary to inspect and replace them as soon as possible, because cracks and bulges that are inadvertently formed during daily driving, such as major hidden dangers, and random bursts, are at risk.

3. Tires also have a shelf life
The service life of tires is usually around 5 years. If the service life exceeds this period and maintenance is carried out in a timely and appropriate manner, the tires may also experience surface hardening and subsequently crack. Aging tires will lose their proper elasticity, and even if they do not appear to have severe wear, continued use can lead to tread deformation, posing a safety risk.


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